Competitor Registration/Team Registration

In the beginning

He/she who completes team register (belongs to a team) and individual athlete register for the Masters Swimming Association is able to participate in any official competition hosted by Masters Swimming Association.
Individual athlete register and team register can be done from "Members Page".
■ Individual athlete register and ID
An ID (3 alphabets and 5 digits) that will be issued in the beginning will be an athlete ID after individual athlete register is completed. This ID will be used as an official name and it won`t be changed under any condition. In addition, ID will always exist even though members aren’t active as a competitor.
An official competition of masters swimming operates by using this "ID" to keep track of individuals’registration and personal best times. Registration management through internet can be also done by using individual ID.
Team representative, whom is not registered as competitor, will also have an ID issued. Management of their own team can be easily done by logging in with team representatives’ID.

■ Team Register
A competitor, also can be called an athlete, must belong to a team because all the forms and register can only be done by a team. This system is based on this associations’ philosophy, “health, friendship, mutual understanding, and competition”. Create a team with the swimmers whom usually practices at the same pool and the team ID will be based on the pool location. Please feel free to make a team with any swimmers.

Registration Qualification

[1]  Team Registration
  1. Team must be organized by at least 1 competitor registered member and endowed with 1 team representative (individual member can be a representative as well.
    • * All source of process as a team and to applicate for each competition can be only done by the team representative.
    • * Shipment/information/contact from the association will all be addressed to the team representative.
    • * Team representative can be done by an individual other than individual competitor registered member. A sub-representative can be registered as well.
  2. Team must be endowed with actual activity (practice).
  3. Team name cannot be changed.
    • * Team name (within 22 words) and team abbreviation (within 6 words).

[2]  Individual Athlete Registration

To be a registered member of JSMA, an individual must certify the requirements below.

  1. Fully understands the motto of JSMA “Health, Friendship, Mutual understanding, and Compete” and is mentally and physically healthy.
  2. Regularly swims to maintain healthy body to participate in competitions.
  3. 18 years old or older
    * by that year (2020/12/31)
  4. Competitor can only belong to one single team.
  5. No refunds after the payment.
  6. Must follow the established procedure by the association of how to register. Register will be denied if there are unfilled information.

Method of "How To" Register

There are 2 ways to register: register through internet or register through designated form.
  1. Internet Register
  2. Login and fill in needed information
  3. Select payment method
  4. Register completed mail will be sent
  5. Association confirms the registration, register completed
  6. Register completed form will be sent

  1. Designated Form Register
  2. Fill in the form
  3. Mail the form to Association
  4. Form arrives at Association/Process the registration
  5. Payment form will be sent/Payment
  6. Association confirms after the payment is completed
  7. Registration Completed
  8. Register completed form will be sent

Payment Fee/Reception Period

Table below is payment fee of 2020 (Taxes are not applicable)
Team Register Expiration Date 2020/1/1 - 2020/12/31
5000Yen/1 Team
Athlete Register Expiration Date 2020/1/1 - 2020/12/31
A 2,000Yen 2019/10-2020/7/31 Registered
B 1,500Yen *2020/8/1- Registered
2020 Registration Reception Period

Payment Method

About payment
Different types of payment are listed below
・Individual athlete’s payment can only be done by credit card.
・Team representative’s payment can be done by credit card or convenience store.
[1] Credit Card Payment
  • Usable credit cards are listed below
    VISA / MasterCard / JCB / AmericanExpress / DinersClub
[2] Convenience Store
  • Usable convenience stores are listed below
    Seven-eleven, Lawson, Familymart, CirclyKThanks, SeikoMart
  • Please complete the payment within 2 weeks. Applicated information will be automatically deleted if the payment is not completed.
    • * 2 weeks example; if the register is done on Monday, the deadline will be on Monday 24:00 2 weeks after.
    • * handling fee will be charged

About the usage of Members Page (Web Register)

Click the “Members Login” located on the top right corner and enter your ID and password to use the WEB system.
  • User whom [registered as an athlete or a team representative] or [had registered as an athlete or team representative in the past] has ID assigned. Please login with the assigned ID.
  • Provisional password will be needed to login for the first time. Please contact us if something goes wrong.

Control Manual of Members Page

Please refer to the file below for the control method.